Warranty service

The Kurgandormash plant assumes warranty obligations for the entire range of special equipment supplied, guarantees the final consumer compliance with the completeness, operability of the machines and compliance of its parameters with the characteristics specified in the operational documentation throughout the warranty period in case of compliance with operating conditions.

The guarantee obligations of the Kurgandormash Plant give the final consumer the right to:

  • on warranty repair
  • free commissioning
  • Training Drivers and Engineers in Operating Rules
  • maintenance of equipment by service specialists

The warranty period provided to end consumers is 12 months from the date of commissioning of special equipment.

The scope of the guarantee does not include the consequences of natural wear, pollution, corrosion and all defects resulting from inadequate maintenance, as well as from external impact. The warranty shall be cancelled in case of unauthorized repair or modification of the original design.

Certified service centers of Kurgandormash JSC perform warranty service and warranty repair provided that the warranty period for equipment established by Kurgandormash JSC has not expired. Warranty maintenance and warranty repair of special equipment is carried out free of charge by service centers.

The warranty does not apply to materials and parts considered consumable during operation (brushes, replaceable elements, consumables (filtering elements, lubricants, etc.)), as well as documentation attached to the product. Warranty obligations do not provide for liability of Kurgandormash JSC for direct or indirect losses, lost profits or other damage resulting from the failure of special equipment. Consideration of consumer claims is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.