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Necessary documents


Application to the traffic police for changes in the design of the vehicle and decision on the application.


Vehicle export Basic document confirming ownership of the vehicle.


Vehicle registration certificate. The basic information about the vehicle shall be specified in the ITS.

How to properly convert a purchased road car?

Until 2015, doing this was quite simple. However, with the adoption of a new law, the situation has changed. Now the introduction of changes in the design of the road car needs to be coordinated with the traffic police. Otherwise, its owners will have to pay the appropriate fines. At first glance, the procedure for obtaining permits is quite complicated. But in fact, everything is much easier. The step-by-step instruction is as follows:

1. The vehicle owner (TC) shall fill in the application form with the main data of the road vehicle. If a third party is involved in the preparation of documentation, then a power of attorney should also be attached to the application. Here you can download the application form (APPENDIX 1) and the power of attorney (APPENDIX 2).

2. Next, you should scan the vehicle registration documents, assure them and, together with the scan, send statements from paragraph 1 by E-mail to representatives of the organization that will be engaged in the conversion of the road car. On the basis of these documents, the Contractor will conduct a preliminary examination of the possibility of making the necessary changes in accordance with the standard TR TC 018/2011 "On the safety of wheeled vehicles."

3. Based on the inspection, the Contractor shall draw up an act on preliminary examination and send it to the owner of the vehicle.

4. The owner of the road car must provide the received documents to the traffic police, where this vehicle is registered. There he must write a statement asking him to consider the possibility of retrofitting the road car. The vehicle itself also needs to be driven to the traffic police to verify the numbers of the units.

5. Having received an application from the traffic police with a note on permission to convert the vehicle, the owner sends a copy of it and a road car to the enterprise that will be engaged in the conversion. He keeps the original statement until the work is complete. 6. The converted road car is transferred to the owner along with a complete package of documents for registering the changes made to the traffic police.

7. The Owner shall be required to provide the traffic police with a converted road vehicle, all documentation provided by the Contractor after performance of the works and registration documents of the Vehicle for their respective amendments. As can be seen from the above, the main works, including "paper," fall on the Contractor's shoulders. So the conversion of the purchased road car will not be the most difficult for the Customer.

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