The organization of production is the key to the effective work of the enterprise, as it creates opportunities for high productivity of labor collectives, the release of a quality product, the optimal use of the resources of the enterprise, as well as the development of organizational culture and personality in the process of work.

The enterprise has a number of workshops, each of which has its own specifics of production.

Blank production:

  • Blank production takes the first and most important place in the technological chain. Here we produce parts for further welding, machining or immediately assembly of finished products.
  • A continuous investment cycle aimed at using the most modern equipment for cutting, chopping, bending and other metal processing allows us to solve the issues of increasing the utilization rate of materials, accuracy of products, reducing labor intensity, energy consumption, metal consumption and, as a result, improving the quality and efficiency of production.

Workshop for machining parts:

  • Using high-performance CNC machines, the machining workshop produces the most complex, high-precision and critical parts and components for our machines. At this site, we carry out quality control of 100% of all manufactured products.
  • In the machining workshop, such operations are carried out as: turning, milling, minor welding, boring and grinding operations.

Heat treatment area:

  • To ensure the high declared requirements for the reliability and quality of our machines, the most critical, power and resource parts, such as shafts, gears, sprockets, etc., are tempered in special thermal or induction furnaces.

Welding workshop:

  • In the welding workshop, we weld bins, frames, barrels, cabins, etc. Those products that have a great variety of performance are made manually or in a semi-automatic mode using manual semi-automatic machines or welding tractors. We produce high-precision products of the same type in automatic mode using a welding robot and this allows us to significantly improve the quality of our products and be several steps ahead of our competitors!

Shot blasting and painting area:

  • We are well aware that today special attention is paid to the quality and aesthetics of technology, which, of course, should be reflected in other approaches to its production. Our machines are operated both in the far north and in the southern latitudes of our country, and when the operating conditions of our machines are particularly harsh or the customer makes increased anti-corrosion requirements, then with the help of an automated 18-meter shot blasting chamber and the use of special polyepoxy paints, we achieve a 10-year warranty from through corrosion of metal!

Assembly production:

  • Parts and assemblies from all over the plant flock here, engines, turbines, bridges and other components come from warehouses. It is here, thanks to high-class assemblers, hydraulic specialists, electricians, that the car makes its first start, takes on its appearance, passes the first meters! This is the most responsible, complex and requiring special control and attention area, therefore, every machine, without exception, is monitored by internal control.

Finished product testing:

  • After assembly, the special equipment undergoes mandatory run and bench tests. For this, the plant has developed a special program that excludes the release of defective products.