The Governor of St. Petersburg checked how the Kurgandormash equipment is ready to fight the snow.

31 October 2019
The Governor of St. Petersburg checked how the Kurgandormash equipment is ready to fight the snow.
In the summer, the Kurgandormash enterprise concluded a deal with St. Petersburg for 550 million rubles and the supply of 74 units of MD-651 equipment for cleaning streets.
The combined road vehicle MD-651 "Kurgandormash" has all-season unique equipment. Summer and winter equipment can be changed.

As the portal "Region 45" wrote earlier, the municipal equipment of the Kurgan enterprise is almost completely automated and equipped with a large number of useful electronic automation functions. Thanks to them, MD-651 can be connected to the city housing and communal services system of St. Petersburg. This factor has become one of the most important when concluding a contract.

- Thanks to this, the management of St. Petersburg and the relevant road and communal departments and departments can in real time receive a snapshot of the implementation of a given program and cleaning route: where the machine is located, which route it took, how much materials it spent, how much is left in the bunker, what equipment is on the equipment works and whether the specified program is being followed. In other words, it is possible to exercise 100% control over the operation of equipment. And cheat, cut the route, not get enough material, etc. simply impossible. Another "trick" is the "precise dosage" function. The vehicle operator can control the density of the deicing materials. In the settings, you can set on which sections of the road how much material should be consumed. There are also special features for summer road cleaning. The machine automatically adjusts the power of the "brush" revolutions depending on the terrain. Irregularities are not afraid of her, - said the first deputy general director of JSC "Kurgandormash" Yuri Avdalov.

According to the site, on the eve of the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Belov visited the city's road company, which serves the Admiralteisky, Vasileostrovsky, Petrogradsky and Central regions. By the coming winter, the company has purchased 471 snowblowers for a total amount of about 3 billion rubles: 193 combined road cleaning vehicles and 278 sidewalk cleaning vehicles.

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