6.5 (8.5) m³

Bunker capacity:

20,500 kg

Fully loaded mass:

On gas fuel

The gas engine chassis MD-53605G machine is designed for year-round maintenance of urban areas due to a combination of technical characteristics of the chassis and mounted equipment.
For winter For summer


In winter, the road harvester is designed for the distribution of anti-icing materials (PGM), snow removal, removal of snow roll and ice from the road surface; in summer - for pavement washing, garbage sweeping, road signs and track elements washing, water injection.

Sand spreading equipment

The hopper is made of an all-bent sheet of low alloy steel or stainless steel. The geometry of the body of the European section, reinforced by stiffeners, prevents the hanging of anti-icing materials. The design of the hopper allows you to install one of three types of chains (anchor, bushing-roller, plate) on a conveyor with a reduction gear drive BERMA RT-500

Bunker spreader
The spreader is made of low-alloy steel or stainless steel and has the following mechanical adjustments in the standard version:
- distribution asymmetry system PGM in horizontal plane (rotation of spreading disk)
- adjustment of distribution SGM in vertical plane (change of scattering disk inclination angle)
- adjustment of the spreader  

Additional Options for Sand Discharge Equipment
- SGM humidification system with liquid reagents (4 tanks of 450 liters each)
- system that prevents PGM suspension, with control from the cockpit
- protection against precipitation (tent installation)
- SGM coarse fractions grinder
- automatic control system for distribution and addition of PGM from the cockpit regardless of vehicle speed
- PGM stop sensor
- hydraulic fluid emergency leak warning sensor from the system

Watering equipment
The equipment tank is made of steel or plastic cassette tanks with a pump in the basic configuration of NC 60/125.

Additional options for watering equipment
- high-pressure pump with capacity of 300 l/min and operating pressure of 20 bar.
- high pressure pistol for road sign washing

In the basic configuration, the road special vehicle is equipped with a standard control system for mounted equipment with control from the driver's cab.
Delivery time from stock or up to 20 days Delivery time from stock or up to 20 days
12 months attachment warranty 12 months attachment warranty
Sell directly from the factory Sell directly from the factory
Train the operator to work with the machine Train the operator to work with the machine

Other gas engine

City / Route MD-532G

Medium duty vehicle for year-round road maintenance

City / Route MD-651G

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Delivery across Russia

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Service and Repair

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Selling in the regions

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Lease terms

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